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  • At Farm Bureau Insurance we have some of the best agents in the business to provide you with the personal service you deserve. We live in a 24x7 world though, so we're striving to make your policy information available to you through our website for those times when your agent isn't available. Here is an overview of the services available on our website. 

    Report a Claim

    If you've experienced a loss you may report it by phone at 877-FBINSMI (877-324-6764), or online by clicking here (or on Report a Claim at the top of the page).

    By phone a representative of our First Notice of Loss Claims Reporting Team will take your claim information (e.g. date of loss, description of loss and injury information) and explain the claims process.

    Customers with a web account and registered personal auto policy(s) may submit all information for an auto claim online. Other claims may be reported as well by submitting your contact information and a brief description of your claim, and a Farm Bureau Insurance representative will contact you within one business day to process your claim.

    Check Claim Status

    If you have a pending claim on a registered policy with Farm Bureau Insurance you may check your Claim Status online. Just click the link and sign in to your account.

    You may also request the status of a claim by phone at 877-FBINSMI (877-324-6764) or email if you'd prefer not to sign in.

    Request a Quote

    Request a quote for any type of insurance. Provide minimal contact information and an agent will contact you for additional details. You may select the agent or let us select one for you, and it's not necessary to have a web account to Request a Quote.

    Create a Web Account

    Most of our online services and policy access require a web account, and signing up for one is easy. Simply click on the Sign Up button in the upper right hand corner or Create an Account from any sign in page to create your valuable Farm Bureau Insurance web account. Provide a valid email address and other personal information, create a secure password, pick three security questions and we will do the rest. We will do our best to find all of your policies and billing accounts, yet if there is one you don’t see, simply click to register a policy or billing account and provide the information to add them to your web account.


    My Account Policy Features

    Below are some of the features and services available to you after your one-time policy registration:

    • View Policy information - For all registered policies you’ll be able to view the details of your coverages. While most policy types provide full details, a few provide summary details of coverages.
    • View and print auto certificate of insurance - You may print certificates of insurance for any active Family or Business Auto policy.
    • View and print policy documents - You may view and print recent policy documents for all policies except Life, Annuity and Commercial Package.
    • Request policy changes - Request detailed policy changes which are submitted to your Farm Bureau Insurance agent who will make the changes for you. 
    • Request address change - Use our online form to let us know about your address change. Changes will be processed by your agent. 

    Pay your Bill

    FB Pay is available to accept payment for all policies and Michigan Farm Bureau memberships.

    To keep your information secure in the payment process, we do require a web account. You may pay with credit/debit card, checking or savings, or sign up for EFT. You'll be able to store your payment method(s) to re-use each time you pay online. You'll also be able to view your web payment history and schedule future payments.

    At Farm Bureau Insurance, we do not charge a fee for paying your property/casualty premiums or your life and annuity payments online.

    You do not need to register your billing account(s) to make your payments. From My Billing Accounts, click on Pay a Bill, enter your billing account number and zip code and you will still be able to re-use stored payment methods to make your payment.

    If you choose to take a few minutes to update your profile and get your policy(s) and billing account(s) registered, you will have detailed access to your amount due, view billing documents and be able to sign up for paperless billing documents and/or payment reminders. Once registered, the next time you sign into FB Pay, click Make a Payment to take care of your next installment.

    *The fee for paying your life/annuity policy with your credit/debit card is determined by our payment processor vendor. The insurance industry is not able to assess a fee that is a percentage of the payment, yet must charge a flat amount. As a result, our vendor uses the average fee they pay to the credit card companies times an estimated average payment our customers will make to determine the fee. The fee is collected by the vendor and is not remitted to Farm Bureau Insurance Company of Michigan.

    Go Paperless

    Paperless policy and billing documents are available for all but Commercial Package policies, and payment reminders are available for all but Life, Annuity and Commercial Package policies. To learn more see Paperless FAQs. To opt in, go to My Account and select Manage Paperless on the left.

    Paperless policy documents for additional policy types coming soon!

    Loss Control Services

    Help to implement management systems that identify and mitigate risks to people, property, and the environment.

    NEW: COVID-19 specific emergency planning checklists, webinars, posters and training options available electronically.

    Download Loss Control Services List by Topic.

    Pre-Written Safety Plans, Checklists, Toolbox Talks, and Newsletters to Keep Employees Informed
    Written safety plan templates/supporting documents, newsletters and more available for you to customize.

    Training and Education Resources
    Multiple training and communication options. On-site, online, and self-paced. Click here for a demonstration of interactive training over the internet.

    Risk Identification Confirmation Program
    An approach to identifying risk to help you consider where you want to be and compare that to where you are today.

    On-site Review and Assistance
    Review operations, work practices, prior loss records and current safety programs to understand risk and safety culture within your operation.

    Ergonomics Assistance
    We understand that each operation has specific needs when it comes to ergonomics; we can help with program development from start to finish that fits your needs.

    Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) – Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
    Review tasks in a step-by-step method, identify hazards, and identify potential engineering and administrative corrections.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Certifications
    Review tasks in a step-by-step method, identify hazards, and identify potential personal protective equipment and training.

    Assistance with MIOSHA Recordable Injury Recordkeeping
    Is an injury "recordable" for MIOSHA 300 log recordkeeping requirements? Is an injury "reportable" to MIOSHA’s website or by phone within 8 or 24 hours of the incident? We understand the confusion of MIOSHA recordkeeping requirements and can provide resources to assist those responsible for completing the records.

    Industrial Hygiene Equipment Rentals
    Need to measure workplace atmosphere or survey for noise but don’t want to buy all the equipment? Our equipment rental option includes calibration and analysis and it is discounted for you.

    Requesting Risk and Safety Assistance
    Your local Farm Bureau Insurance agent can assist you with arranging for risk and safety management assistance and resources. Or, contact our Loss Control department directly by clicking here.

    The information contained on this site, in provided document(s), or as feedback to a request for assistance does not constitute legal advice and is not intended to be a comprehensive compliance review or audit for the individuals or entities in question. If you would like individualized advice regarding the legal/safety/compliance needs of your operation, please consult with an attorney or worksite consultant of your choosing. Farm Bureau Insurance believes that the information we share is correct in all material respects, and that any findings, suggestions, or recommendations provided are reasonably made at the time of writing, but does not warrant their completeness or accuracy.  

    We continue to add new features and services to our website, so once you've registered stop back in to see what's new.


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