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    Questions regarding systems transition
    1. What is this “systems transformation”?

      At Farm Bureau, we are working to move the Membership, Personal Auto, Home, Farm, and Commercial lines of business from one system to another. Memberships and Personal Auto policies are moving to the new system first. The Home, Farm, and Commercial lines of business will also be moved to the new system in the future. The new system will bring new and exciting features to help us better serve our clients.

    2. How long will this transition take?

      The transition will take place in multiple phases. Membership and Personal Auto policies will be in the new system first. Any new Membership or Membership renewals received after May 30, 2017 will be in the new system. Any Personal Auto policy renewing effective October 1, 2017 and after will be in the new system. Home, Farm, and Commercial lines of business are expected to be transitioned in the next couple of years. In the meantime, these policies will remain in the old system and this transition will be announced sometime in the future.


    Questions regarding Personal Auto Policies
    1. When will Personal Auto policies go through this transition?

      If you wrote a Farm Bureau Insurance Personal Auto policy with Farm Bureau on or after July 1, 2017 your policy was written into the new system.

      If you were a Farm Bureau Personal Auto policyholder before July 1, 2017 your policy will move into the new system on your next renewal effective date after October 1, 2017.

    2. How do I know if my Personal Auto Policy is in the new system?

      Policy numbers in the old system start with an A or a 1, Personal Auto policy numbers in the new system start with a PA. You can also expect mailings before your policy moves to the new system.

    3. What changes will I see to my Personal Auto policy when it moves to the new system?

      When your Personal Auto policy moves to the new system upon your first renewal after October 1, 2017, you can expect these changes:

      • New billing design
      • New billing account number
      • New Personal Auto policy number
      • New payment options including quarterly and full pay Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
      • More ways to save, including alumni discounts
      • Discontinuation of renewal lapse notice sent for non-payment at the time of renewal
    4. Has this caused a change in my Personal Auto policy premium?

      Many factors impact the rating of a Personal Auto policy. The moving of your policy from the old system to the new alone does not impact the rating of your policy. The factors effecting a rate increase or decrease shown on a Personal Auto policy include base rate changes, loss or addition of a discount, loss or addition of a traffic violation or accident and many more.

    5. How do I change my pay plan on my auto policy to one of the new options offered?

      Contact your Agent’s office today to discuss pay plan options available to you and the savings these can add to your auto policy.

    6. How do I check if I now qualify for the alumni discount?

      Contact your Agent’s office today to review colleges and universities eligible for the alumni credit and the savings these can add to your policy.

    7. What is the renewal lapse notice? Why is it going away?

      A renewal lapse notice used to be sent if the first bill following the renewal of a Personal Auto policy is not paid warning a client that the policy will cancel if not paid, if still not paid a cancellation notice would then be sent out. This notice is no longer sent out following this bill before a cancellation notice, instead Farm Bureau Insurance is assuming that you are not renewing your Personal Auto policy. This warning notice will continue to be sent for mid-term bills.


    Questions regarding my Membership
    1. Where do I find my new Membership number?

      The first Membership renewal you receive after May 30, 2017 will include your new Membership number.

    2. How long can I use my old Membership number?

      All members will receive their Membership renewal with a new Membership number before May 30, 2018. Members will be able to use the old and new member numbers for member benefits and Farm Bureau web accounts until May 30, 2018. At this time, all members will have received their new numbers and these will only be used.

    3. Why do I have a new Membership number?

      A new format of the Membership number is required in the new system, in which, Farm Bureau will be using to support Memberships. This is not expected to be changing again anytime soon.

    4. Why am I receiving separate bills for my Membership than other business with Farm Bureau?

      Membership billing has moved to a new system at Farm Bureau causing Memberships to be assigned new account numbers, new member numbers, and produce separate bills from other lines of business at Farm Bureau.

    5. Why are you charging me a $5.00 reinstatement fee on my Membership?

      A $5 reinstatement fee is now required to reinstate a Membership which has been cancelled due to non-payment. This fee is now required to pay for the additional postage used to send past due notices, cancellation notices, and reinstatement mailings which are a result of these transactions.


    Questions regarding billing
    1. Where do I find my new account number?

      Your new account number will be present on any bill you receive for your Membership after May 30, 2017.

      Personal Auto policies will be given new account numbers when they move into the new system. This will happen on your first renewal effective on or after October 1, 2017. When this occurs, you can expect mailings ahead of time to inform you of a new account number, which will be on a future bill.

    2. Why do I have a new account number?

      Old account numbers were the format used for Farm Bureau’s old billing system. The new account numbers have been changed to the format required in Farm Bureau’s new system.

    3. What will happen to my Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) I have in place now?

      Your Membership and Personal Auto policies will continue to be set up on EFT and payments will continue to withdraw from the same bank account and will be applied to your new account number.

    4. Why do I have a separate account number for other business with Farm Bureau?

      Memberships and Personal Auto policies are the only lines of business moving to Farm Bureau’s new system. This caused these policies and memberships to be assigned new account numbers. All other lines of business are in the old system and billing account numbers have not changed.

    5. How can I sign up for EFT?

      If you have internet access, please enroll for EFT or update your EFT information by going to www.fbpay.com. If you do not have internet access, please contact your Farm Bureau Agent to obtain the EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form.

    6. Can I pay bills for my membership or Personal Auto policy and other policies at the same time?

      When making a payment online or by mail two separate payments must be made for Memberships and Personal Auto policies in the new billing system and policies in the old billing system. If you make a payment at your agent’s office one payment can be made for all business.

    7. Why do I need to give my bank my new farm bureau account number if I pay through my bank’s bill pay website?

      If you pay bills through your bank’s bill pay website, it is important to update the account number so money is applied correctly to your new account number. If the account number is not updated, payments will continue to be applied to your old account number causing a delay in applying these funds to your new account which may result in the cancellation of your Membership or Personal Auto policy.

    8. Do you offer the option to setup recurring payments for credit cards?

      At this time, we do not currently offer a recurring payment option for credit cards; however, we can withdraw recurring payments from your checking or savings account through our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment method. Using this payment method will also bring additional savings to your Personal Auto, Home, Farm, and Commercial policies. If you have questions, please contact your Farm Bureau Agent.


    1. Can I use my old account number to login online?

      You will be able to use your old account number to login on Farm Bureau’s website until June 1, 2018. If you have policies other than Membership or Personal Auto with Farm Bureau that are not in the new system, your current account number for those policies and your new account number for your Membership or Personal Auto will both be able to log you in to the website.

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