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  • Accumulator

  • The Accumulator from Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company of Michigan promises to make you a series of periodic payments in the future in exchange for a series of premium payments from you starting now.

    A benefit you can't outlive
    With a life annuity, the payments will continue for as long as you live.

    You don't pay taxes on the interest earned by your annuity premiums until you begin to withdraw money from the annuity.

    A special federal income tax penalty is levied against all taxable withdrawals made before age 59 1/2. The penalty is 10 percent of the taxable funds withdrawn. However, the penalty is waived if the proceeds are taken as annuity payments. Only the interest earned portion of the proceeds are subject to income tax.

    You decide when you want to make premium payments and how much each premium payment will be.

    Guaranteed Safety
    No matter how market conditions change, you will never lose your initial investment. A fixed annuity has minimum interest guarantees and cannot experience negative growth.

    Withdrawal Provision
    You will have the right to withdraw at least 10 percent of your annuity's accumulated value every year without policy surrender charge.

    Contact your Farm Bureau Insurance agent for more information on insurance products from Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan.

    The product information included in the Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan web site is intended for Michigan residents only, and is neither an offer to sell nor an invitation to purchase any insurance product.

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