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  • At Farm Bureau Insurance, we don’t cut corners. We believe in a personal customer service experience, and that’s why our agents live and work in your community. We are committed to our customers, and only serve the residents of Michigan. With nearly 450 agents in Michigan—each serving their local area—we are prepared to try and help when the unexpected happens.

    Our personal auto insurance can provide quality protection and superior coverage for your entire family. Travel to your destinations without stress of the unexpected with our personal auto insurance. Whether it's a family vacation to the U.P. or a day trip to Detroit, our insurance products can provide the coverage you need.

    Introducing FB Drives Michigan!

    Safe driving comes with even bigger savings at Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan. Farm Bureau policyholders can now enjoy more discounts by joining our FREE usage-based insurance program. Through a downloaded app, the tool provides you with personalized feedback helping you make safer driving choices.

    FB Drives Michigan! provides drivers with personalized feedback to help them make better safety choices and determines discounts based on factors like total miles driven, breaking and safe speeds. At your next renewal, your good driving could pay off with savings up to 45%!

    Enroll today by contacting your Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan agent. Don’t have an agent? Find one today here.

    Auto Insurance Discounts

    Everyone wants to pay less for their auto coverage, easy enough. Except, having a lower car insurance premium isn't as important if it means you're an underinsured motorist. So paying less without reducing insurance coverage is crucial, enter our auto policy discounts! And, for drivers who are accident free and/or violation free, premium is automatically reduced.

    Advance Signing Discount

    This discount is available for new policies that are bound in advance of the policy’s effective date.

    SmartPay Discount

    Pay your premium all at once, or use our EFT option, and you can be rewarded with a discount on your policy premium.

    Multi-Policy Discount

    If you have multiple insurance policies with us, you could be eligible to save even more. Having a Personal Auto policy along with another policy - Homeowners (includes Renters and Condo), Lake Estate®, Farmowners, Country Estate or Mobile Homeowners, Umbrella and Commercial - may make you eligible to receive a Multi-Policy Discount.

    Affinity Discount

    This discount is available for a named insured who is a member of a qualifying professional, civic, or alumni association.

    Multi-Auto Discount

    If you have multiple insurance policies with us, you could be eligible to save even more. Having a Personal Auto policy along with another policy - Homeowners (includes Renters and Condo), Lake Estate®, Farmowners, Country Estate, Mobile Homeowners, Umbrella, or Commercial - may make you eligible to receive a Multi-Policy Discount.

    Preferred Youthful Driver Discount

    Vehicles assigned to drivers between the age of 16-20, that also have multi-policy discount, may qualify for this discount.

    FB Advantage Discount

    The FB Advantage Discount is based on an insurance score determined by a consumer-reporting agency using certain financial characteristics.

    Select Customer Discount

    The Select Customer Discount takes into consideration the FB Advantage score, client longevity, claims experience, and the Multi-Policy Discount.

    Anti-Theft Device Discount

    This is a discount for vehicles that have an approved theft prevention device installed.

    Why Farm Bureau Insurance for Auto

    Member Benefits that don’t end at discounted rates

    Welcome to the Farm Bureau Insurance family. Here you're more than a customer, you're a member. Every Michigan Farm Bureau membership comes with a range of great benefits with something for everyone. From Road Services—like towing, tire changes, or jumpstarts—to our Partner discounts, like Hotels, Event tickets and more.

    Customizable coverage to extend your safety net

    With the help of our agents you can build a policy tailored to you! Our personal auto insurance provides an array of optional coverage items to build the perfect policy. Call your agent today to talk about all of these options.

    Optional coverages include:

    • Limited Property Damage Liability (Mini-Tort Liability Protection)
    • Comprehensive Coverage
    • Limited Collision Protection
    • Regular Collision Protection
    • Broadened Collision Protection
    • Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorists
    • Emergency Road Service
    • Rental Reimbursement Coverage
    • Electronic Equipment Coverage
    • Custom Furnishings and Equipment
    • Travel Interruption Coverage
    • Farmer Replacement Labor
    • Replacement Cost Coverage
    • Delivery Endorsement
    • Transportation Network Driver Coverage (TNC) (No Passenger)

    Contact your Farm Bureau Insurance agent for more information on insurance products from Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan.

    The product information included in the Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan website is intended for Michigan residents only and is neither an offer to sell nor an invitation to purchase any insurance product.

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