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  • Storm-Related Damage

  • Storms can strike at any time. If your agent or his or her staff are not immediately available to assist you, this information may guide you until they do become available.

    After-hours calls
    Our after-hours call center is available to take calls after business hours, when your agent may not available. The call center can be reached at 877-FBINSMI (324-6764).

    Once the claim is submitted by the agent’s office or the call center, it goes through a set-up process in the Home Office before it is assigned to the local claims office. Our goal is to have an adjuster contact you within 24 hours. During storm situations or times of extremely high claim volumes, we make every effort to process claims as quickly as possible, but the timeframe for an adjuster to contact you may be two to three days.

    Emergency repairs to building
    You should always take reasonable and necessary steps to protect your property from further damage. This may include putting a tarp over holes in the dwelling or broken windows. Take photos of damage if possible and save receipts for any temporary emergency repairs that are made.

    Equipment breakdown
    This covers the mechanical breakdown of permanently attached building equipment, such as a sump pump. If it is damaged by another peril (lightning, power surge, etc.), the base policy coverage applies.

    Food spoilage
    Food Spoilage under the Homeowners and Farmowners policies covers up to $250 for loss or damage to property contained in deep freeze or refrigerator units on the residence premises, caused by a change in temperature resulting from power outage. No deductible applies.

    The claim representative will need a complete list of all spoiled food items, but it’s okay to discard the spoiled food.
    Note: Food will keep for 24-36 hours in a refrigerator/freezer unit if it is not opened. 

    Loss of use/power outage
    Additional living expenses due to power outages are not available under the insurance policy. Loss of power alone is not considered damage to the dwelling.

    The Homeowners and Farmowners base policies include up to $1,000 for removal of shrubs, plants and trees blown over by the peril of windstorm, hail, or weight of ice, snow or sleet. The shrubs, plants or trees must damage a covered structure or block a driveway or handicap access in order for the removal coverage to apply.

    The “Select Homeowner Endorsement” adds coverage for Tree Debris Removal up to $1,000 when the tree falls because of windstorm, hail, or the weight of ice, sleet, or snow -- even if there is no damage to other covered property. No deductible applies to the Select coverage.

    Water losses
    Farm Bureau’s insurance policy does not cover water damage from flood, surface water or water leaking into the basement. A special flood insurance policy would be necessary for that type of coverage.

    The Homeowners policy provides up to $2,500 for damage from water that backs up through sewers or drains, or overflows from a sump or related equipment. Higher limits may be purchased. Property insurance policies also generally cover water damage that is caused by sudden and accidental overflows and broken pipes.

    If you’re not sure what caused your water damage, you can still file a claim. The assigned claim representative will investigate the loss to determine whether coverage is available. It’s best to proceed as though you do not have coverage and take necessary steps to protect your property from further loss. If a claim is submitted, repairs to the damaged area should not begin until the property is inspected by the adjuster. Remember to take photos of damage if possible, and keep damaged items until coverage is determined.

    Make reasonable and necessary repairs to protect the property from further damage. (Refer to Trees if trees are involved.)
    Take photos of damage if possible.


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